Dr.オーマンが開発した、副作用のない若返り成長ホルモン促進サプリメント HGHプラス(HGH Plus)

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Dr.オーマンが開発した、副作用のない若返り成長ホルモン促進サプリメント HGHプラス(HGH Plus)
Dr.オーマンが開発した、副作用のない若返り成長ホルモン促進サプリメント HGHプラス(HGH Plus) オーダーはこちらから
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HGHプラス HGH Plus 成長ホルモンについて HGHプラスについて
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毛髪分析 血液分析 Dr.オーマンに相談
Hair Analisis ($60)
If the eyes are considered the "Gateway to the Soul", then the hair is the "Gateway to the Minerals." Hair Analysis, also known as Trace Mineral Analysis is a precise way of determining the following:  

  • Mineral levels such as calcium, magnesium, iron etc.
  • Trace Mineral levels such as manganese, molybdenum, boron etc.
  • Mineral ratios which are a reflection of glandular functioning and sugar metabolism
  • Toxic metals
Taking a small amount of hair from the scalp, a laboratory analyzes the hair by a specialized method to determine a wealth of information about your health. What types of toxins are you carrying in your system? Aluminum? Mercury? Lead? There is a very good chance that such is the case! We can identify what heavy metal toxins are present and design a Personalized Treatment for their removal. In addition to identification of toxic metals, Hair Analysis will identify the levels and ratios of healthy minerals in your system. Do I have enough Calcium in my system? Are my iron levels healthy? Hair Analysis determines exact levels and ratios based on science. Again, all guesswork is removed and an exact Program is designed to fit your needs.

How Does A Hair Analysis Work?
As soon as receiving a sample of your hairs, we send it to a testing laboratory. The protein in hair fiber holds the composition of the body tissues for a permanent period. By analyzing the hair fiber composition, you can tell what toxins have accumulated in the body tissues and what vitamins and minerals are depleted or too abundant causing an imbalance in body function.By detoxifying unnatural chemicals and by replacing specific vitamins individual to your needs, proper health can be restored through nutrition. The human hair analysis can detail these levels.

  1. Order Hair Analysis online.
  2. Hair Analysis kit will be shipped to you
  3. Please follow instructions in a kit and send back to us.
  4. It typically takes about 2-3 weeks for a test result.
  5. The test result will be sent to you with Dr. Orman's nutritional recommendations.
NBTA Blood Test Analysis report ($60)

How many times has a patient asked you? If my blood tests are so normal, why do I feel so poorly? Before now, such questions were difficult to answer. We are proud to announce the professional availability of Natural Blood Test Analysis (NBTA). NBTA is a cutting edge software system that allows us to analyze standard blood tests (SMAC24; CBC) from an Optimal, Health-based perspective. Whereas standard blood tests recognize disease, out-of-range problems, the concept of health is missing. NBTA recognizes these disease, out-of-range problems AND introduces a new, Health-range. When blood markers are in the health range, Optimal health is present, not just the absence of disease!

NBTA pinpoints nutritional needs based upon blood chemistry. It takes all of the guesswork out of your nutritional evaluations. No more of the outdated one size fits all approach.

When blood markers are in the health range, optimal health is  present, not just the absence of disease! Here are some examples: 

  • Normal lab values for Iron are 40-150 mcg/ml. Optimal Health values are 40-100 mcg/ml.
  • Normal lab values for Sodium are 135-146 mmol/L. Optimal Health values are 138-142 mmol/L.
  • White Blood Count (WBC) have a lab value of 4-10 u/L, but Optimal values are 5-8 u/L.

As you can see, there parameters are different and often "tighter" than standard laboratory values. These "tighter" parameters mark the presence of health and should be used as ideals. In addition to looking at individual parameters, NBTA looks at various combination markers. Examples are:

  •  When both Calcium and Cholesterol levels are low, this is an indictor for potential periodontal disease.
  •  Elevated Sodium with decreased Potassium is viewed as a precursor for adrenal insufficiency.
  •  Elevated Triglycerides with elevated Eosinophils indicate a trend toward hypoglycemia.

A person may or may not be experiencing the various signs or symptoms. However, over time it is virtually certain that the disease process will take place. The great benefits to interpreting blood tests in this fashion are: 

  • We have the opportunity to achieve Optimal Health, not just an absence of disease.
  • We can fend off the disease processes in the early  phase(s) when treatment is most effective.

Our experience has shown that only 1 out of every 3 supplements a person takes is useful! NBTAAR pinpoints nutritional needs based upon individual blood chemistry. Whenever the opportunity to personalize treatment is available, the chances for success GREATLY improves. Consider this diagnositic tool for Optimal Health.

How Does A Blood Analysis Work?
For the blood analysis, we need a copy of your latest blood test. The test is called a SMAC 24 (or some other number) and/or CBC. Please email or mail a copy and we will have this analyzed within 72 hours. We will send you a details report regarding your health: What nutrition are you taking too much of? What nutrition should be included? NBTA answers these questions and more.


  1. Order Blood Analysis online.
  2. Send us a copy of your latest blood test such as SMAC 24 (or some other number) and/or CBC.
  3. Within 72 hours. we will send you a detailed report regarding your health.

Virtual Clinic (Free!)
The "Virtual Clinic" is a consultation by DMI operated by Dr. Orman. As a continued commitment to supporting our customers and improving health, DMI is proud to announce the opening of our Virtual Clinic. Our V-Clinic contains cutting-edge information about diet, nutritional formulas, therapies, exercise and other aspects of natural health care. We are continually updating our Clinic, as the field of nutrition doubles every three years. Best of all, it is FREE!

In our Virtual Clinic, you can:
  1. Learn about the various Personality Types and which diet and supplements are most appropriate for you.
  2. Sample menus included. Read our exciting newsletter for the latest health tips.
  3. Use our protocol for heavy metal removal High protein diets, low protein, high carbs etc. Are you confused? We will clarify which is for you.
  4. Do you have a weight problem? We have personalized solutions based upon your chemistry.
  5. Take the guesswork out of nutrition.

Identify the correct diet for You! Access nutritional protocols for over 125 of the most commonly experienced problems. Have a question? A DMI Health Expert will provide specific answers for you.


Please request virtual clinic service via info@best-antiaging.com .
We will send you the form to fill out.

We also send you a following materials as per your request (FREE)

  • Copy of the Keys to Longevity report.
    This cutting edge report contains valuable information regarding improving health and anti-aging tips. Also included is an GH Diet and Exercise program.
  • Virtual Memory Clinic
    Looking for ways of dramatically improving your memory? How about increasing IQ by 25-30 points? This is the place for you! Cutting edge information available for people of all ages and educational backgrounds. - Direct access to nutrition expert and developer of Hgh-Plus
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HGHプラス HGH Plus 成長ホルモンについて 毛髪分析
HGHプラス HGH Plus 成長ホルモンについて 血液分析
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Dr.オーマンが開発した、副作用のない若返り成長ホルモン促進サプリメント HGHプラス(HGH Plus)





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